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right wood flooring

Posted by qizhen0809 
right wood flooring
November 14, 2017 11:46AM
<p>natural decorative material formed after natural wood is processed and processed. Its natural wood texture, comfortable foot feeling and warm, cool, cool winter features are loved by people. However, due to its different wood flooring material, price, quality differences are very large, many owners are particularly worried about buying </p>
<p>inferior products, then how to choose the right wood flooring? Let us learn about the small purchase of solid wood flooring Tips Check the defects of the substrate This stage through visual inspection, first determine the plate is not a puzzle (that is, different plates), and then there is no dead section, living section and even cracked bacteria </p>
<p>and other defects. However, this link can not be too picky, because the wooden floor is a natural product, the objective color, the pattern is unavoidable, and the purpose of laying the wooden floor, is not to enjoy the feeling of return to nature? To this degree of flaw More rigorous owners, you can choose natural wild longan wood pulp </p>
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